Director to Watch - Boards Magazine

Director to Watch - Boards Magazine : Oct 2003

Each Year Boards Magazine goes through hundreds of reels from the commercial directing world and attempts to draw attention to some of the highlights in the form the tried and true top ten list. Originally intending to judge the worthiness of directorial candidates by their good looks and charm, Boards quickly found this method to be both impractical and unfair. Instead, up and coming candidates were assessed on the following criteria.

1. The message: The director got the client and the agency's message through.
2. The method: Reagrdless of style, the story got lifted off the page, on to the screen and burned into memory.
3. The madness: Without compromising the first two criteria, rules were broken, enlarging the current size of the thinking box.

I no particular order, here are profiles of the 2003 top 10 directors to watch, with a further 20 runners up- congartulations to all...

Director to Watch

Influenced by her success as a fashion photographer, 30-year-old Karina Taira's film work exudes a powerful and sometimes darkly esoteric sense. Based in NY and Paris, Japanese-American Taira was working as a pro photographer by 19 after studying at Stanford and Art Center. Taira, who has been directing for three years nd works through Believe in the US and UK, and Quad in Paris, divides her time between spots and photography. Her commercial work includes sexy spots for Alfa Romeo (HHCL/Red Cell), Guerlain Shalimar (Opera, Paris) and several perfume clients.